United State Elections Latest News And Updates !

United State Elections Latest News And Updates !

The campaign of Hillary Clinton questioned the decision of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to release records of an old investigation of the presidential pardon of Bill Clinton to a fugitive businessman. On Tuesday, the FBI has released the files to a long-dormant Twitter account @ FBIRecordsVault.

The timing of the publication of data has been suspected by the Clinton campaign, with some accusing the office to meddle in the last days of a difficult election.

The tweet FBI has led some to conclude that the documents were related to the charitable foundation Clintons, but the tweet was referring to the presidential library of Bill Clinton, which is governed by the William J Clinton Foundation, CNN reported.

The office has published 129 pages of his 2001 investigation of Marc Rich, a former hedge fund trader who was indicted on multiple charges of tax evasion.

Bill Clinton pardoned Rich on the last day in office, one of his most controversial decisions as president. The FBI closed its investigation into the Clinton pardon for Rich in 2005 and no charges were brought against the former president.

The seemingly random reminder of one of the darkest chapters of the Clinton presidency a week before the elections drew an immediate rebuke from the campaign of Hillary Clinton - with his spokesman tweeting that the movement of the FBI was "odd" and asking if the agency planned to publish unflattering recordings on the Republican candidate Donald Trump.

The Twitter account, which had posted the last time in October 2015, came to life October 30, 2016 and tweeted a series of archives. One is communicated financial records of the father of Donald Trump, Fred C. Trump.

"In the absence of a deadline for litigation FOIA (law on freedom of information), it's strange. The FBI does publish papers on discrimination in housing Trump in the 70s? Said Brian Fallon, press secretary for the Clinton campaign. He also tweeted that there were "multiple FBI investigations of the links Trump Russia."

The FBI defended his actions in a statement Tuesday. He replied that the tweet was automatic and in response to public records requests. The release comes just days after the announcement of the FBI Director James Comey, that the FBI take over the investigation of the use of private email Clinton during his term.

After the announcement, many polls have shown Trump before Clinton in the presidential race. With less than a week for the presidential election, the release made a dent in the racing Clinton. It is left with only a week to turn it around in his favor.

The FBI was also criticized for apparently taking sides in the presidential election, it has not done. Its neutral and impartial image was tarnished by dumping the last data on the pardon of Marc Rich investigation.

"Americans are now looking at the FBI and see a political entity, not a non-partisan entity - and that has huge ramifications for the FBI and for all of us," said Matt Miller, former chief spokesman of the Ministry of Justice and supporter of Clinton. "It shows disbelief in our system of government and is extremely toxic," he added.

Comey was also attacked when it was found he argued against the charge of Russia to interfere in the presidential race so close to Election Day.


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