Tollywood Celebrities Who Died in Young Age

Celebrities Divorce List

Divorce, this word has become common in public mainly in metro cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata etc. People particularly big celebrities in society take divorces and leading their lives individually.

Hero today, we provide the popular fictional celebrities who have taken divorce because of misunderstandings. former heroin Tollywood and supporting the Bhanupriya artist name. She married a rich man Adarsh ​​Kaushal in 1998 with the blessing of their parents. Both lead their lives so happily and gave birth to Abhinya in 2003 year.

Unexpectedly Bhanupriya had divorced her husband in 2005 year because of personal problems. Now that she was supporting roles in major Telugu films. Actress finally appeared in 2014 year with Avathaaram. It was his 150th film.

the main South actress Lakshmi Narayan of India also took divorce for two times. She married in 1967 years Bhaskar presence of her parents and relatives. unknown problems due both separated in 1974 year. Next year, the actress married actor Mohan Sharma.

Lakshmi Narayan continued her life with him for only five years. In 1980, she had to take divorce. After nearly nine years marred actress K. S. Sivachandran in 1989. Actress has a good name and fame in Telugu and Tamil Film Industry. She appeared last on the screen with the film in Tollywood Moodu Mukkallo Cheppalante.

Raadhika is better main heroin in southern India. She also holds for divorce twice. Actress married first K. Pratap Pothen in 1985 and separated in 1986 year. Then she gave her sweet heart to Richard Hardy in 1990 year, but because of misunderstanding, both started a new individual life. In 2001 actress years leads her beautiful life with top actor R. Sarathkumar. Visitors can watch the video for more information celebrity divorces.

All people should have to think twice before dividing. Because we are born in this great India India.


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